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 Level 7: Through the Hills

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PostSubject: Level 7: Through the Hills   Sat May 14, 2011 4:09 pm

Hint: The central hill has a hollow passageway - you can walk right through it.

Full Solution:

Now it starts getting tricky. Move Stinky to the red button, then Loof to the blue button, to get both Stinky and Loof inside the cannon chamber. Move four reflectors along the indicated red arrows. Note that in order to get the centre left reflector you need to walk through the hollow passageway of the central hill. Now place Stinky/Loof on the blue/white button to destroy the wooden boxes blocking access to the Gold Star.

To get the bonus coins, you need two reflectors to build a bridge at the yellow circle. The first reflector is easy (yellow arrow), the second one needs to be moved through the hollow hill (move it to its centre, then walk around the hilland move the reflector down).
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Level 7: Through the Hills
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